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Gerd's AVR assembler gavrasm

A command line assembler for all AT90S-, AT90CAN-, AT90USB-, ATtiny-, ATmega and ATxmega-Types of microcontrollers of ATMEL, with many extended and new features. Works on Win64 and Linux(i386) command lines. The advantages of gavrasm:


gavrasm is also available in a graphical version. This version is built in in the AVR simulator avr_sim. This version is in english language.

The following versions von avr_sim correspond with the gavrasm versions:


AVR-Assembler in an english, french, german and turkish version, can easily be translated to other languages (send me your edited gavrlang_xx.pas and the ReadMe.Txt file for further translation to other languages). An experimental Chinese version is available at Github. See the German page for the German version.


View the ReadMe.Txt for more informations on features. See also the introduction to the use and some notes on special features of gavrasm.

Mail on new version releases

Please fill in the form and mail it to me. You'll receive a mail whenever a new version of gavrasm is released.

Download of the precompiled versions

Version 4.0 is available for download as already-compiled-version for Unpack the executable and a readme file. See the readme for command line options and use.


Source code, written for FreePascal, is available for Unpack the zipped files, copy your desired language file gavrlang_xx.pas, rename it to gavrlang.pas and compile with the Pascal compiler (fpc, see


This software was tested intensively, but may still have some bugs, so be careful with its use. Reports on bugs and missed features to gavrasm (at), subject=gavrasm-bug 4.0.

Earlier versions

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