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Statistic of Gerd's AVR assembler gavrasm

Thank you for using gavrasm. It is a great pleasure to program useful software that is popular.

The following shows the results of a statistical analysis of access data to gavrasm between 2003 and 2016.

Downloads of gavrasm by version

Versions These are the accesses to compiled versions and source packages. Accesses remain at above 1,000 per version.

Accesses Divided by the numbers of years and the number of versions those averages result. 60,000 accesses per year and nearly 7,000 accesses per version are a powerful reason to continue software development work.

Accesses to pre-compiled and source packages

Pre vs. src The pre-compiled packages are more popular that the source code packages, but both are and will be provided.

Pre vs. src by version The versions 3.4 and 3.5 are more popular as source packages.

Accesses by languages

Languages Measured were total accesses to pre-compiled versions only. The most popular is English, of course. But the German version is nearly reaching the same popularity. The French version is a small fraction of the English and German version. But even the Turkish version has a considerable number of downloads.


While other developpers seem to have stopped their efforts, I still see many reasons to continue that work.

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