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www.asm-tutorial.net is a completely non-commercial page, designed, operated and for free provided by a single private person (me). I enjoy comments on my pages, I include wishes for additional information/pages/AVR assemler projects and your comments are equivalent to say thank you for my efforts (if those helped you to get over learning hurdles, to resolve questions or to get your own projects running).

If you like to leave a comment, feel free to leave one in the following field. To sort out nonsense, commercial ads, robot actions and other nerd activities I will process those comments manually (sorry spammers, this is not a standard script that you can throw your ads on, you can try it, but it doesn't work). Because of manual processing it will need a few days until your provided comment appears here. Note that your IP will be internally registered but it will not be published (your pre-name only).

Please note that references are not allowed.

This page holds hundreds of single documents. If your comment refers to a certain page, example project, etc., and if you want to be understood correctly please describe it as near as possible.

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If you need personal assistance for your project please rather contact me directly at info [at] avr-asm-tutorial.net (replace [] by an @ character and remove the blanks).

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