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Gabriel 11.03.2021 Your webpage containing detailed information about uC and Assembly is really helping me, Mr. Gerhard. The best I can do is to wholeheartedly say : Thank you for helping us! I hope you're doing great in this rough times.
Marvin 23.01.2021 I wanted to thank you for your AVR Assembler website with all its information and tools. I'm astonished by all the hard work you have put into this project.
I just recently got back into assembly (machine) level programming after many years. Your gavrasm assembler and AVR Simulator work perfectly for my needs.
Many thanks, Marvin
Gabriel 04.04.2020 I found your beginner's book on lectures about learning assembly for AVR MCUs and was delighted with it. I've just implemented an I2C EEPROM chip with the Attiny13A and it wouldn't have been possible without said book. Thank you for teaching me the joy of assembly on MCUs!
Alastair 27.11.2019 Dear Mr Schmidt,
I just want to add my thanks to those of all the other people who have told you how much we appreciate the work you have put into this site. As a retired Teacher of English in Scotland I have only been introduced to the world of microprocessors in the last couple of years, first through Arduino, then getting below the surface a bit my means of Elliot Williams' book 'Make: AVR Programming' and now, finally, approaching a bit closer yet to the bare metal via assembler. As a novice in this field I am so grateful for the wonderful resource you have provided: thank you, sir, you are a hero!

GSc: Thanks. As I am a retired teacher, too, I should be able to describe that in an understandable manner. BTW: I love Scotland, it is the only country in the world where you can have two minutes sun, two minutes wind and two minutes rain. And that all over the whole day.
Kris 10.10.2019 Good job,
have you thought about PM detection of DCF77? I want to build such detector but lack experience in practical electronic. Do you think HEF4046BT PLL IC would be appropriate?

gsc: A PLL requires a digital signal, therefore the AM signal has to be amplified very strongly to have a rectangle. As the information of DCF77, the zeros and ones of date and time, is encoded in the amplitude you loose all relevant information if you amplify the signal to a rectangle because the amplitude drops of zeroes and ones all produce the same reactangle and the PLL produces a constant 77.5 kHz signal, no matter how high the amplitude is. Without any amplitude variation, where you can derive the zeroes and ones from, you are unable to decode date and time.
Nikola 14.08.2019 It's good about your site. I like assembler.
gsc: Thank you! Me too!
Henrik, OZ1JPZ 11.12.2018 Fine piece of work, you have made.
I would like to build one too, - but I cant not fine any place to buy the TCA440 and the Neosid parts - do you have any suggestions ??
(I live in EU/Denmark) but it does not need to be in EU.
BTW, have you late on made a PCB ??
With all my best
Henrik, OZ1JPZ
gsc: I guess you speak about the DCF77 receiver. The TCA440 can be ordered from Reichelt Electronics for price and availability.
The Neosid coils can be ordered from Buerklin.
And: No, I did not design a PCB for that, because it was a prototype and because the parts used are too unusual for a large scale production.
Vance 16.11.2018 Thank you so much for such a thoughtful, well written ASM tutorial! It is very kind of you to share your knowledge and experience so freely.
gsc: When I started with this 20 years ago, I wrote it for a friend who was willing to learn this. So I put it on the net and got so many, many reactions like yours (thanks for that). BTW: He still hasn't learned this.
Ram Sankar Pillai VU3XVR 07.11.2018 Hello Gerhard,
My sincere thanks to your work on AVR Assembly language. I'm learning a lot every day from your work. I moved back to ASM after reading your two eBooks. Thanks again.
I made Si5351 clock generator controller using ATtiny13 with 1KB of code size, where Arduino guys use 8KB. I learned 64bit arithmetic from ur eBooks.
Now got confidence on making all projects in ASM ONLY.
I have just one request, could you provide the compiler software and simulator for 32Bit Windows operating system. I'm using a 12 yrs old notebook and dont want to change it in the near future. I'm very happy with this. Your help on this will not only support me, but there should be lot of other AVR Lovers.
Thanks & Looking forward,
Ram Sankar Pillai, vu3xvr

gsc: Dear Ram Sankar,
thanks for your comment. Good to hear that it helps. I have invested lots of time and effort since 1998, and your comment outweighs this.
Nice equipment and well documented on your website.
As concerns the 32-bit versions: you can compile all my software from my website using the source code files and Free Pascal (FPC) for gavrasm or Lazarus for the simulator. Just download and install those compilers and use the source code to compile a version for your desired operating system.
As I do not have other operating systems than Windows- and Linux-64 I cannot test and evaluate generated code here, so I leave this step to the users.
brgs, gerhard
Donald 26.08.2018 I wanted to say that I am really enjoying the pdf you provided beginner_en.pdf. In school, we were using HCS12 that we order from EVBPlus. Our professor required we learn how to use assembly to program it and now assembly is my preferred go to.
Now that I have found your website I will be stopping by more often and leaving comments on my adventures into the AV architectures.
Just wanted to say thank you for a great read!!!
gsc: Are you sure that you are on the same type of controller? I am not really familiar with HCS12 assembler, but it seems rather different from AVR assembler.
Good luck!
NN 07.07.2018 avr-sim is a GREAT work !! Many thanks to share it with us.
I've found a bug in your source code:
"mulsu" instruction fails if the first operand is
ldi r23,$93 //negative
ldi r17,$01 //unsigned
mulsu r23,r17
bad results r0:$93 r1:$00 (should be r0:$93 r1:$FF
negative value)
Have a nice day!
gsc: Absolutely correct. I will correct this in the next version.
Marcin 20.05.2018 Fantastic ad very helpful website. A lot of systematic work. Thanks a lot!
Sebastian M. 21.02.2018 This is a very nice and interesting page, Herr Gerhard Schmidt. Thank you!
Greg C. 30.01.2018 When editing .asm files with an external editor, I had to set the file type as UTF-8 instead of ANSI for encoding type in NOTEPAD2 (my editor) or it would not assemble and simulate. There were no notes that I could find in the literature on that subject. Just a heads up.

Other than that, I love your simulator, and tutorial pages! Go assembler or go home. I think asm is the best place to start. There are so many advantages to knowing the clockwork on how your program works. Keep up the GOOD work!

gsc: The issue with UTF-8 instead of ANSI is strange. As gavrasm works with the Pascal System.Text function to read the .asm file, I have to go deeper into System.Text to find out more.

Thanks for the praise. More and more people just scratch the surface instead of going into the depth. They are more struggling with their language's strange terms rather than into the mechanics of a timer.
Pierre M., Paris 21.12.2017 Good morning Sir,
I am teaching computer system architecture to master students and find assembly language programming the only way to give them a sense of how hardware operates. I was delighted to read your pledge on the usefulness of assembly programming.
Also for a student project we had the choice between mixing .c and asm or using .asm only. I gave the example in 9.10 a try and it worked with no stress. Many thanks for sharing your work and experience,
Pierre M
Hasina Tantely 19.12.2017 I'm so happy with viewing and downloading the codes your share and most of all the gavrasm assembler because the avr-as inside Winavr : I don't know how to make it compile pure assembly file for AVR.
The asm/C confusers make that all a little bit intransparent.
Douglas Koo Chen Soon 07.06.2017 I would like to say a thousand thanks to you for providing such a high quality website for learning AVR Assembler, I am an eletronics engineering student studying in UTP, Perak, Malaysia.

Your hard work will finally be paid off! This website provide excellent guides for begineer to start learning the REAL thing behind the micro-controller!

I will fully recommend your website to my colleagues!

Thank you so much.


gsc: I was twice in Malysia. The climate is not my favoured but the nature is unique, the landscape is greener than here and the people are so friendly and helpful. I enjoyed it.
Jean-Francois Duhamel 26.05.2017 Greetings from Peru.
Its a long time I wanted to thank You for your very nice software. I take this opportunity to do it now. I use GAVRASM under linux since years and it helped me to solve a number of problems in my job (from which I am now retiring). I will continue, as I have time now, to work around AVR technology, mainly using ASM as allways, which helps to keep the brain active and out of the daily problems.
Best regards and lots of encouragements, and above all, a big thank You for your help in my life.
JF Duhamel
Johnd233 17.04.17 Excellently written writeup, doubts all bloggers offered the same content material because you, the internet is actually a greater location. Please maintain it up!
gsc: I'll do!

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