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Program for generating asm source code file frames


When starting a new AVR assembler project, this program relieves you from the lengthy process of typing in all the standard content of a source code file, such as header informations, and all other content of an orderly file. The program requires: It provides:


AVR-HEAD window After starting execution, the window looks like this.
Either you can now If desired, chose a standard register name for a multi-purpose register, and select if the project will use interrupts or not.
If desired, you can select the polarity of some port pins, but this section of the software is not mature enough.
Now push the button "Aktualisieren". The generated source code frame now appears in the editor window. You can edit that source code, but pushing the button "Aktualisieren" overwrites all changes made!
After finalisation either Close the program with the button "Schliessen".


The zipped executable file can be downloaded here. Unzip the packed .EXE file to convenient path and start it. That is it!

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