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List of source files with AVR hardware features used

The following list provides links to source code files that uses controller internal hardware in the displayed modes.

PortsTimerAD converterAnalog-
UARTExtIntTone generationKey inputEEPROM
siggen_m16_v1.asmXXXX XXXX X X XX
dcf77_clock_m16_v5_en.asmXXXX XXX XXXX X X X X XXXX X XXX
multitimer_tn24_v1.asmXXX X X
stopwatch_m8_v1.asmXXX XX XXX X X X X
4_Timer_Blink.asmX X X
5_fast_pwm.asmX X X
6_tc0_o_int.asmX X XX
6_tc0_int_compA.asmX X X X
7_Key_Int.asmXXX X X X
8_IntensityRegulator_1.asmXX X X X
8_IntensityRegulator_2.asmXXX X X X
8_IntensityRegulator_3.asmXXX X XXX X X
8_IntensityRegulator_4.asmX X X X X
9_audiogenerator_1.asmXXX X X X X XX
9_audiogenerator_2.asmXXX X X X XXX
9_audiogenerator_3.asmXXX X X X XXXX
10_Lcd-Display_1.asmX X
11_Eeprom_1.asmX X XX
12_IR-Rx_1.asmXX X X X X X
12_IR-Rx_Switch.asmX X X X XX XX
12_IR-Tx.asmXXX X X X
12_IR-Tx_Analog.asmXXX X X X X X
13_F-Meter_1.asm X X X X
13_F-Meter_2.asm X X X XX X
14_U-Meter.asm X X X

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