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application AVR-Single-Chip-Processors AT90S, ATtiny, ATmega
of ATMEL in practical examples.

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The following examples are small applications to test and use these controllers practically and to demonstrate their usefulness.

All applications were tested, but I cannot guarantee their correct function.

AccPage linkShort descriptionAVR-TypeSource
200Frequency counter ATmega8
Frequency counter, nine modes, 16 MHz xtal, scheme, preamp ATmega8 fcount_m8_v3 fcount_V03
167Stepper motor control ATtiny13 Stepper motor controller and driver, voltage controlled positioning ATtiny13 steppermotor steppermotor
158LCDs LCDs on an AVR, a universal include file for tailoring any LCD in any mode on an AVR, with two example applications Any
ATmega8 Example 8 bit Example 8 bit
ATtiny24 Example 4 bit Example 4 bit
141N keys Multiple keys on ADC input pins Any decode_key decode_key
139Rectangle generator ATmega8 Signal generator with frequency and pulse-width adjustment, normal and inverted digital outputs, frequency/time/rpm/pulse-width display on LCD, controller with ADC channels, Xtal source clock, etc. ATmega8 Main program,
LCD routines,
Freq table
Zipped sources
117Signalgenerator ATmega16 Signal generator with ATmega16, provides sawtooth, sine, triangle and rectangle signals between 2 Hz and 20 kHz, with an LCD for wave and frequency display, linear variable resistor to adjust frequency and four switches for mode selection ATmega16 siggen_m16_v14 siggen_m16_v1
LCD include
117Digital analog conversion with R/2R R/2R network for DAC conversion, generating sawtooth, triangle and sine wave and playing musical notes with the 10 keys on a STK500. AT90S8515 (see diverse links in the text)
105DCF77 receivers Series of diverse DCF77 receivers---
Cross antenna for DCF77 reception with a FET stage and AFC adjustment---
Direct receiver with a transistor amplifier for DCF77, with gain adjustment---
Direct receiver with a TCA440 and an LC filter---
Superhet receiver with a TCA440, LC- and 32kHz xtal filter with an LC-Oszillator or a xtal derived oscillator signal with an ATtiny25 ---
AFC/AGC/DCF decoder for DCF77 receiversATtiny25--
Serial receiver/decoder/display for a DCF77 watch based on those receivers with an LCD ATtiny24 dcf77_tn24_v1 dcf77_tn24_v1
HF/IF AM rectifier with an ATtiny25 ATtiny25 dcf77_tn25_v1 dcf77_am_tn25_v1
PCB layouts for DCF77 receivers ---
Interferences with DCF77 receivers ATtiny25
100Longtimer tn13 Long timer with ATtiny13 and a duo-LED ATtiny13 Longtimer tn13 Longtimer tn13
94Sine generator tn45 with PWM Sine wave generator with tn45 and fast PWM, 64MHz-PWM-frequency, 20Hz to 20kHz sine with 10-turn potentiometer for frequency adjustment, 20MHz crystal operation of the ATtiny45, up to four-stage RC filters, cap selector with tn25 for n * 4 capacitors with CMOS 4066, extensive LibreOffice spread-sheets for simulation and assembler software configuration ATtiny45
(See text) sine_tn45
92Tiny crystal oscillator A crystal oscillator to generate accurate rectangles with a selectable frequency, with several hints on using crystals as clock sources for ATtiny devices and with an ultimate calculation tool ATtiny25 - Tiny xtal tn25
92UV exposure with LEDs UV-LED array as exposure device with timer and LCD ATtiny2313 UV-Timer UV-Timer
82tn24 lcd Experimental board with an ATtiny and a LCD ATtiny24
Applic lin
Applic int
Applic lin
Applic int
77Stepper tn24 Stepper motor 28BYJ-24 control for modeling applications ATtiny24 Stepper_tn24 Stepper_tn24
76Random tn13 Random numbers with the ATtiny13 - Successes and failures ATtiny13 - -
Calculating random numbers with the ATtiny13, very successfull and recommendable - -
Displaying random numbers on a RGB-LED with the ATtiny13, can be done and works correct random_tn13_v1 random_tn13_v1
Randoms from noise, nearly complete failure - -
Randoms from a sine wave oscillator wit RS232 transmission to the PC mit ATtiny13,
Randoms are not very nice, RS232 test and transmission program works perfect
- random_test_tn13
70IR receiver switch Infrared receiver and three channel switch, self-learning ATtiny13 IR-Rx-Sw IR-Rx-Sw
69PT100-Thermometer Thermometer with a PT100 sensor, to be attached to a TN24-LCD module for displaying Kelvin, °Celsius, °Fahrenheit and the resistance of the sensor with 0.01 resolution as well as the raw ADC count, with extensive spread-sheet ATtiny24 (See text) pt100.asm
66Binary watch Binary watch with 20 LEDs ATmega8 Watch Watch
65Levelmeter Audio level meter with a 4 line LCD - Configurable in wide varieties of sensivity, linear and log, etc. ATtiny24 - Level meter
63Digital analog conversion with R/2R R/2R network sine generators for DAC conversion, two practical examples ATtiny24
(see diverse links in the text)
63Eggtimer RGB ATmega8515 Egg timer with 11 RGB LEDs and an ATmega8515 ATmega8515 Source Source
58LED grave 8x8 ATmega16 8-by-8 LED matrix ATmega16 led-grave led-grave
58Akkuload - Battery loader Akkuload - A battery loader with a microcontroller controls up to four batteries, unloads and loads, knows up to 32 battery types internally, displays the loading progress on a four-line LCD, can be operated with three keys or via a RS232 transmitter and receiver interface, with software for voltage, current and capacity charts ATmega16 - Akkuload
zipped source
code, 5 files
56Magic circle Magic circle with 13 LEDs ATtiny2313 Magic circle Magic circle
54Egg timer with ATtiny2313 Eggtimer as a gift ATtiny2313V eggtimer_asm eggtimer
51Longtimer tn25 Long timer with ATtiny25, duo-LED and speaker ATtiny25 Longtimer tn25 Longtimer tn25
50Thermometer over serial IR Thermometers with serial interface over Infrared, measuring temperatures with an ATtiny45 and transmitting those with infrared to a IR-to-serial converter and to an RS232 interface, with extensive hard- and software still under construction ATtiny45
(See text) (under
49IR-Stepper tn24 Infrared-controlled stepper motors, two steppers controlled by one ATtiny24, IR transmitter and controller with an LCD and an ATtiny24 ATtiny24 (under construction) (under construction)
49Hysteresis on AVR inputs Hysteresis voltages on AVR input pins, use and measurement (Any) (see text) hyst INTn tn13
hyst PCINTn tn13
49DCF77 signal analysis ATtiny24 DCF77 signal analysis, measures signal durations, with export of the data to a CSV file and import to an OpenOffice spreadsheet ATtiny24 DCF signals DCF signals
48Thermometer with ATtiny24 Thermometer with the built-in thermo sensor in an ATtiny24, with 8-character LCD, adjustable with trim potentiometers or by software, selectable output in K, °C or °F, accuracy up to one tenth of a degree ATtiny24 (See text) thermometer_tn24_v1
47Crystal oscillator Crystal-controlled seconds/minutes/hours with an ATtiny25, the source code works with nearly any commercially available crystal from 32kHz to 20MHz, with spreadsheet in LibreOffice-calc ATtiny25 second_xtal second_xtal
46Power supply scanner A scanner for power supplies with RS232 interface and/or LCD, scans a power supply with increasing currents, transmits voltages, currents, etc. via RS232 interface, two versions w/o and with LCD ATmega48
(under construction) (under construction)
46Gate tn24 Servomotor controller for model railroad crossing gates ATtiny24 Gate tn24 Gate tn24
45Egg timer m8 Egg timer with ATmega8, eight duo LEDs and speaker ATmega8 Eggtimer m8 Eggtimer m8
44IR transmitter variable Infrared transmitters with variable frequencies, linear, with crystals ATtiny25
(See text) tn25 version
tn24 version
44Alarm clock with ATmega16 Digital clock and alarm timer, 7-segment displays, Xtal control, and much more ATmega16 digiclock digiclock
42Led light ATtiny13 Driving two LED lines and controlling intensity with two potentiometers ATtiny13 ledline ledline
41DCF77 clock m16 A DCF77 synchronized clock with LCD ATmega16 clock_m16_v5 clock_m16_v5
plus 3 inc's
A DCF77 superhet receiver with TCA440 - - -
Date and time with AVRs in assembler (Any) - -
39Crystal oscillator
Between 8 and 57 tones of the gamut plays a crystal-driven ATtiny25 with an 8-bit TC here, a 16-bit TC is here, with versatile spreadsheets in LibreOffice-calc to configure the tones and the resistors of the switch encoder ATtiny25
(See text) (See text)
39PCM decoder with AT90S2323 PCM-encoded remote control signals in a length from 0.8 to 2.2 ms are decoded using an AT90S2323 on a small test board and converted to an analogue voltage of 0 to 5 Volts AT90S2323 PcmDec PcmDec
38RGB BCD watch ATmega16 A 20 RGB LED BCD encoded watch with multiplexing, linear brightness control, two-key time adjustment and diverse hardware diagnostic routines ATmega16 RGB BCD RGB BCD
38Ticker A text ticker with 192 LEDs ATmega16 Ticker Ticker
All about infrared remote control signals
ir_measure: Measuring IR remote control signals with an ATmega8
ir_analysis: Analysing IR remote control signals
ir_tx: IR remote control transmitter with an ATtiny45
ir_rx: IR remote controlled receiver with an ATtiny13
37DCF77 decoder with ATtiny2313 SIO controlled digital clock, could be synchronized with the time normal DCF77, operated on 77.5 kHz in the VLF band in Germany, Wiring see the GIF or PDF AT90S2313 Clock Clock
35Dice tn24 Double dice with 2 displays ATtiny24 Dice tn24 v1 Dice2 tn24 v1
34Dice ATmega16 Tumbling dice with two seven-segment-displays ATmega16 - Dice M16
34Tumbling dice ATtiny13 Tumbling dice, seven LEDs and a pushbutton, with PCB layout ATtiny13 dice dice
33Egg timer tn24 v2 An egg timer with 10 LEDs and a speaker, very small design with low-current LEDs and ten melodies ATtiny24 - eggtimer_tn24_v2
33Circular-led m324pa Circular LED with 32 LEDs on an ATmega324PA ATmega324PA Circular LED
Circular clock
Circular LED
Circular clock
33Pulse width generator with SIO control Pulse generator, generates exact signals of a desired duration and frequency, times are controlled by input from an ANSI-compatible terminal program via the SIO of the chip, e.g. on the STK200 board AT90S8515 PwgSio PwgSio
32Crystal oscillator 16-stage crystal divider with an ATtiny25, divides a crystal frequency by 16 different values, as selected either by a mouse piano or by a potentiometer, with spreadsheet in LibreOffice-calc ATtiny25 - xtaldiv_tn25_v1
32Clock60+4 Clock with 60 plus 4 LEDs, shift registers and a ATmega48 ATmega48 (in progress) (in progress)
32Spotlight ATtiny13 Spotlight with 198 10mm LEDs, intensity regulator with potentiometer and battery monitoring ATtiny13 Spotlight Spotlight
32Multitimer A timer for 5 seconds to 7 minutes in 12 stages with 12 LEDs and three buttons ATtiny24 Multitimer Multitimer
32Follow me Follow me - audio sensor with electret microphone ATtiny45 Follow me Follow me
31Large watch ATmega48 Very large watch with 114 10mm LEDs, intensity control with potentiometer or foto transistor, time adjustment with two keys or with a DCF77 receiver ATmega48 Large watch Large watch
30Ticker 16x8 A text ticker with LEDs in four different versions, with small or large LEDs, including design software for pixels ATtiny24
- -
28Stopwatches Stopwatches with AVRs, some theory and considerations Any - -
A four channel stopwatch with an ATmega8 ATmega8 Stopwatch_m8 Stopwatch_m8
A three stage stopwatch with an ATtiny24 ATtiny24 Stopwatch_tn64 Stopwatch_tn64
27Led light ATtiny13 Led light chain sequencer ATtiny13 ledlight ledlight
0Spectrum analyzer tn2313 A spectrum analyzer for rectangles with a crystal and an RS232 interface ATtiny2313 (See text) spectrum_tn2313

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