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Application AVR single chip controllers
AT90S, ATtiny, ATmega

of ATMEL in practical examples

Sorted list of applications

  1. Hardware, General
  2. Timers, Stop watches
  3. Watches
  4. Models and steppers
  5. LED applications
  6. Dices
LinkBrief descriptionAVR type
1 Hardware, General
Signalgenerator ATmega16 Signal generator with ATmega16, provides sawtooth, sine, triangle and rectangle signals between 2 Hz and 20 kHz, with an LCD for wave and frequency display, linear variable resistor to adjust frequency and four switches for mode selection ATmega16
LCDs LCDs on an AVR, a universal include file for tailoring any LCD in any mode on an AVR, with two example applications Any
N keys Multiple keys on an ADC input pin Any
Follow me Follow me - audio sensor with electret microphone ATtiny45
Gate tn24 Servomotor controller for model railroad crossing gates ATtiny24
Levelmeter Audio level meter with a 4 line LCD - Configurable in wide varieties of sensivity, linear and log, etc. ATtiny24
IR switch Infrared receiver and three channel switch, self-learning ATtiny13
Frequency counter ATmega8 Frequency counter, nine modes, 16 MHz xtal ATmega8
Pulse widtg generator with SIO control Pulse generator, generates exact signals of a desired duration and frequency, controlled by an ANSI-compatible terminal via a SIO AT90S8515
Rectangle generator ATmega8 Signal generator with frequency and pulse-width adjustment and display on LCD ATmega8
2 Timer, Stop watches
Multitimer A timer for 5 seconds to 7 minutes in 12 stages with 12 LEDs and three buttons ATtiny24
Stop watch Three stage stopwatch with an ATtiny24 ATtiny24
Stop watch Four channel stopwatch with an ATmega8 ATmega8
UV exposure UV-LED array as exposure device with timer and LCD ATtiny2313
Egg watch with ATtiny2313 Eggtimer as a gift ATtiny2313V
3 Clocks
DCF77 clock m16 A DCF77 synchronized clock with LCD ATmega16
Binary watch Binary watch with 20 LEDs ATmega8
Digital clock with ATmega16 Digital clock and alarm timer, 7-segment displays, Xtal control, and much more ATmega16
4 Models and steppers
Gate tn24 Servomotor controller for model railroad crossing gates ATtiny24
Stepper tn24 Stepper motor 28BYJ-24 control for modeling applications ATtiny24
Stepper motor control ATtiny13 Stepper motor controller and driver, voltage controlled position ATtiny13
PCM decoder with AT90S2323 PCM-encoded remote control signals with a length from 0.8 to 2.2 ms are decoded using an AT90S2323 to convert to an analogue voltage AT90S2323
5 LED applications
Spotlight ATtiny13 Spotlight with 198 10mm LEDs, intensity regulator with potentiometer and battery monitoring ATtiny13
Ticker A text ticker with 192 LEDs ATmega16
Magic circle Magic circle with 13 LEDs ATtiny2313
Led line with ATtiny13 Driving two LED lines and controlling intensity with two potentiometers ATtiny13
Led light ATtiny13 Led light chain sequencer ATtiny13
LED grave 8x8 ATmega16 8-by-8 LED matrix ATmega16
6 Dices
Dice ATmega16 Tumbling dice with two seven-segment-displays and statistical analysis in EEPROM ATmega16
Dice ATtiny13 Tumbling dice, seven LEDs and a pushbutton, with PCB layout ATtiny13

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