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PWG AVR-Single-Chip-Processor AT90Sxxxx
of ATMEL in practical examples.

ANSI-terminal programmable signal generator

This application provides a pulse generator for signals from 5 microseconds to 65,535 microseconds length and selectable high/low pulse length of any combination. The duration of the signal and the active high period duration are programmable providing these numbers (in microseconds) with an ANSI-compatible terminal program to the STK200 via the board's SIO connection.

This application requires:
  1. Start your terminal program and set the required parameters: COM x, 9600 Baud, 8 bits data, No parity, 1 stop-bit
  2. Switch the board on; your terminal should turn to black background and show the welcome message,
  3. Input the total length of the pulses in microseconds (5 to 65535) and press return,
  4. Input the length of the active high part of the pulse in microseconds (5 to 65534) and press return,
  5. Watch Port D, Bit 2 for the pulses!
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