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LCD on STK200 Tutorial for learning the assembly language of
AVR-Single-Chip-Processor AT90Sxxxx
of ATMEL applying practical examples.
Special software-know-how
(Click the links on the *.asm-files together with the shift key, if you want to download them.)
LPM LPM Reads the switches of the STK board, recodes the key into the number of LEDs and displays them (key 0: all eight LEDs are on). A rather useless program but it demonstrates the use of the LPM command and the ROLling and JuMPing in assembly language.
JUMP JUMP Jumps over the stack. Subroutine call not via the regular RCALL command but by putting the jump adress on the stack. First the return adress has to be put on the stack, then the adress of the called subroutine. The jump and the return are done via the RET command. Out of the series "tricky assembly programming"!
MAC1 MAC1 Macro examples. Just a useless program to demonstrate the use of macros in assembler.
MAC2 MAC2 Macro examples. Demonstrates the use of jump to labels within and outside macros.
MAC3 MAC3 Macro examples. Demonstrates the use of parameters in macros.

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