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stk200 Tutorial for learning the assembler language of
AVR-Single-Chip-Processor AT90Sxxxx
of ATMEL by programming practical examples.
Basic requirements


The following lectures introduce to the assembly language of AVR-Single-chip-Processors of the AT90Sxxxx series by ATMEL. After going through these examples you should be able to write simple programs for these processors. The examples might be compiled with the ATMEL or any other assembler, the resulting binary code should be transferred to the board and started there. Every program step is commented.


All examples are compatible with the ATMEL-assembler. If you use other assemblers you probably have to change the code to meet their special syntax requirements.
The examples run directy on the STK-200-programming board, as supplied by ATMEL. For all hardware-components on this board examples for their programming and use are supplied in additional examples.
ATTENTION! All examples require the definition file "" in the same directory with the source code, otherwise numerous error messages occur during assebling. The file could be found in the home directory of the ATMEL software package or on ATMEL's homepage. Change the path in the INCLUDE line from folder X:\avrtools\appnotes\ to your path or copy this file into your source code folder.


If you're a bloody beginner in assebler and AVR processors: Load the examples test1 to test4 into your editor one by one, read the comments in these files and try to figure out, if you understand the single steps of the program, assemble the source code and run the binary on the STK-200 board.
For the more advanced searching for certain component code: Identify the proper example for the component and play around with this code. Change it until it fits your needs.

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