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This website is provided as is by

Gerhard Schmidt
Kastanienallee 20
D-64289 Darmstadt/Germany

I am a private person that designed and wrote this website. I also administer the website personally. Other persons or companies are neither involved in the design nor in technical content or in the administration of this site.

I personally bear the costs of that webpage completely. The operation of this site does not generate any income.


This website is completely free of advertisements. Naming companies is solely done in respect to components and their sourcing. Naming is not accompanied by any payments.

This website is not affiliated with companies, even not with ATMEL or MicroChip.

Personal data associated with website access

When accessing files from this server the server logs, like usual, the following data is recorded: As administrator of the website I access those logfiles daily. I check those files in respect to the number of accesses per month and I publish the number of accesses on the sitemaps of this pages. In order to do this I collect those files on my personal computer to which only I have access to. No transfer of those files to others is performed.

Further evaluation of this data is only performed if abnormal observations are made (abrupt increases or decreases of total accesses or for certain files). A resolution of the IP to identify a certain user is not possible for me and is only performed on behalf of law enforcement agencies (e.g. in cases of serious misuse).

In conjunction with understanding irregularities it is possible for me to sort access entries in the logfiles by IP and count and list accesses by IP. Further evaluation of this data is not performed. Results of this evaluation remain with me personally, no results are stored.

The website does not use cookies.

Entries in mailing lists

Users of the website can subscribe per mail to two different mailing lists: Those mails are stored locally. Sending those mails is performed in BCC: mode to all subscribed users. All subscribers can unsubscribe immediately by mail. The list is solely stored on my computer, no mail addresses are transferred.

Entries in comment fields

It is possible to enter comments in form fields on that pages. Those entries are stored on the website, together with the IP that the user used. Those files are downloaded by me manually and are removed from the server.

I decide if a comment is published on the webpage. If this is the case publishing is done with the user's pre-name. Its IP and its surname are not published. Via those comment field the user can complain against publication and I remove the comment.


Comments on this page can be send via the comment page.

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